Anschutz 22 pistol

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Used as a target rifle and looked after. Stock is in great condition with a few marks on the rear of stock and fore end. Front and rear sling swive studs fitted. Barrel and action is clean with factory fitted 2 stage match trigger. Scope not…. A complete rifle kit in exceptional condition. The legendary Anschutz is known for unrivalled accuracy and reliability with its crisp two stage trigger and superb German build quality. The rifle is in excellent condition throughout, the….

The prestigious Anschutz rifle is renowned for its superb accuracy and respectable presence in the rimfire market. Boasting reliable build quality, stunning accuracy and desirable design, the Classic rifle is perfect for all shooting disciplines…. Anschutz Match No cracks or major dents and would make a brilliant…. Anschutz D HB Thumbhole for sale. In excellent condition and lovely wooden stock. Scope not included, but have a Hawke Vantage side focus scope and rings available.

Also have an Anschutz 2 stage trigger to suit available at extra …. Anschutz with 22" Barrel 22LR Classic hunting rifle. Threaded for Moderator.

Super accurate. A nice lightweight target rifle with diopter sights and bipod. Purchase with confidence from a family run business with 30 years experience.Dominic Holtam. RUAG,www. The is based around the legendary Match 64 action, and when you pick one up it feels immediately right in so many ways.

And when it comes to manoeuvrability, it fits well into any truck cab for a night of left- and right-handed rabbiting from a window. When shot prone, it immediately feels like a centrefire to position yourself with, but with none of that weight or bulk. Similarly, the walnut stock is straight grained and modest in appearance, stained darkly to complement the deluxe breed. The gun is available in a true left-handed specification, all the way down to the very slightly cast stock geometry.

Inletting within the stock is actually very simple; the The action has been enlarged slightly from the 25mm diameter of old, to increase rigidity and the size of the locking surfaces. The steel magazine holds five rounds, plus one in the chamber if you desire, with a single lug to lock the bolt — the base of the bolt handle to be exact — but nothing more is needed and the machined fit of the two sliding bodies is unquestionable.

With a 60mm bolt handle and only degree lift, you can keep everything well clear of the objective on a scope with fast reloads. The action feels tight, but in a good way.

There is perfect linear motion, but you need to keep the forward force on the bolt gently applied as you also push down. The headspace, controlled on the rims of the RWS Subsonic ammo, seemed to fit snugly without so much as a thou of play. Scope mounting is via the full-length 11mm dovetail, machined into the action. On the left side, a very small lever, nestled into the walnut, allows bolt removal when pressed in conjunction with the trigger.

The trigger is nearly a joy. This is sear engagement and clearly adjusted toward the safe side of optimum; were the gun mine, I would take 1mm out of the 1. But that is me, and it is still a delight that it is adjustable, weight-wise, from 1,g.

That refined simplicity clearly descends from the target world in which Anschutz ranks among the aristocracy. Sling studs are fitted beneath the butt and under the fore-end — itself quite square in profile, yet remaining slim. It fully floats the barrel in all conditions with no loss of zero from careless handling, and the chequering shown along the sides of the fore-end, like the grip, is quite deep, but uniformly neat and sharp. The crown is actually deeply counterbored to avoid any possible damage, but, although mechanically ideal, one must remember to clean into it as it may easily harbour corrosion if ignored!

There are one or two tiny features that would not be easily noticed on a new gun. For example, the rear action bolt has a tiny steel pillar surrounding it within the stock so, after years of use, the walnut will not compress.

This, like the tiny nut holding the bottom metal to the stock, is something easily forgotten or ignored by an accountant, but demanded by a true gunmaker. Share Email this article to a friend. Toggle navigation Search Term Search Advanced search. Contact us Advertise. Clay Shooter Magazine Subscribe Advertising. Rifle Test: Anschutz in. Chris Parkin puts this faultless rifle through its paces. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in.

anschutz 22 pistol

Most Read How to refinish a wooden stock. Staying within the law whilst collecting firewood. Clay shooting careers - becoming a coach, with Georgina Roberts. The red gene - making sense of spaniel genetics.You can spend weeks watching the auction boards, or you can save time and money by just giving Mac Tilton a call at his shop in California.

Mac, owner of MTGuns. Most have model 54 or 64 actions—he rarely gets the series barrel-block-style actions. But you can certainly build a match-winning rifle from a Model Our friend Joe F.

.22 LR Bolt Action Anschutz Rifles for sale

This editor has shot that gun and it is amazingly accurate, with a fantastic trigger. Unfortunately, Mac has only a couple Suhls left. For more info, call Mac atfrom 9 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time. Tags: 22LRAnschutzWalther. I am a new rimfire shooter and am interested in an used Anschutz 54 for bench rest shooting. Again I am new to rimfire but am up in age and will probably not compete except against myself. Any help will be appreciated Fred. Hi, Mac! Hope you have a good tiem in Penn.

MkII for me. ALways great to talk to you! I learn things every time! Shooting is still a great deal of fun, as long as it is not a complete waste of ammo. ANd at this stage, that pretty much means glass sights. Sir: Am looking for an Anschutz 54 action heavy barrel project gun.Browse categories Directory Blog Login Register. Sell My Rifle. Air Guns. Other Guns. Gun Dogs.

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Rifles by Region North East West Midlands South West 9. Eastern 8.If you're looking around for an amazing deal for the Anschutz Sight Set Complete For Target Riflesthen you've showed up at the absolute appropriate location. Established by using some of the most extremely strong and dependable components around, these Rifle Parts via Anschutz will present you with a product that will give years of stability.

Anschutz has been developing high quality products for a number of years, and the Anschutz Sight Set Complete For Target Rifles is their very own approach to revealing just how much they care. At OpticsPlanetwe ensure that it is our obligation to purchase the best product for all your needs, and exhibiting the Anschutz Sight Set Complete For Target Rifles is something that we are delighted to offer. Yes, as long as your barrel has the dovetail mount on the front as well as the back of your receiver, these should fit.

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If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help! Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Gun Model: Anschutz. Add To Cart. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time we are unable to export this product outside of the USA. Burris MTAC 1.

Magpul Industries B. Tap Tap to Zoom. Will these sights fit an Anschutz 54 from ? Expert Answer Yes, as long as your barrel has the dovetail mount on the front as well as the back of your receiver, these should fit. Will this mount on an 11 mm dovetail on an HW30? Can you answer this question? Related Reviews. Compare 0. Remove All.This is a discussion on Anschutz Exemplar excellence within the Range Reports forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Sorry for not posting more gun reports, but this has been a very busy summer for us.

Have been burning some powder, though, and much Anschutz Exemplar excellence This is a discussion on Anschutz Exemplar excellence within the Range Reports forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Sorry for not posting more gun reports, but this has been a very busy summer for us.

anschutz 22 pistol

Sorry for not posting more gun reports, but this has been a very busy summer for us. Have been burning some powder, though, and much to report, but for the sake of keeping it brief and simple, I'll only report on one gun at a time. Here is our Anschutz Exemplar, this time with an Ultradot 25 for a sight.

New HK 416 22LR Pistol & Rifle

Have posted on it, before, but for those of you not familiar with the Exemplar, it is a 22 LR bolt action pistol designed for silhouette shooting, made in the late 80s to early 90s, back when silhouette was a much more active shooting sport than it is, today. These are very hard guns to find, now, and they usually command a premium price when you do. I've often joked that our Exemplar pistol is our most accurate 22 rifle, but it's actually not an exaggeration.

This gun, when scoped and shot from a rest, has produced 50 yard groups that rival anything our fine bolt action CZ 22 LRs can do. The Exemplar is a pistol, though, so I shoot it like one. I hate shooting pistols from a rest, other than for accuracy and ammo testing.

Have shot the Exemplar, offhand, with a scope, but ended our shooting session, yesterday, with the red dot on the Exemplar for the sake of shooting comfort. I never begin a shooting session with this gun and then switch to another gun. Shooting the Exemplar will completely spoil you for shooting anything else, later. The trigger on the Exemplar is simply the finest of any gun in our collection. It is factory set at 8 ounces, completely adjustable and absolutely without any creep or mush.

Take up the first stage, stop, then with the tip of your finger just think "shoot" and the gun fires. So how did I do with the red dot? Figured a 5 shot group with this gun would be far too easy, so made it at least 10 rounds.

Here's my 26 yard offhand group that, frankly, was only so so for this gun. I pulled a couple, but the group is still under 2".

Have done down closer to 1" offhand groups at this distance, though, with my average being closer to inch and a half. Oh, well. Bull is 3" Moved out to 50 yards from a standing position and did a little better as far as maintaining my usual MOA. Made no adjustment on the elevation, so the gun did shot a little low. Group measures 2. Bull is 6" Ammo was SK Target, but the Exemplar shoots everything with decent accuracy, though it does show a preference for match grade stuff.

No better way to end a shooting session than with some Exemplar excellence. Nothing else quite like this 22 LR pistol. NCG, that is some fine offhand shooting.Did a search on here for the Anschutz Exemplar and came up empty.

Have any here owned or had experience with this bolt action handgun? I've owned one with the 10" barrel in 22 LR, since the mid '80's and have found it to be very well made duh, it is an Anschutz! Pretty flexible in it's employ too. When I first bought it, I mounted a 'normal eye relief' rifle scope on it a 6.

I mounted that long scope way reward so I could extend my arms, resting my right arm on the bench, with a full field of view with that short eye relief scope. The trigger is beautiful, under 10 oz. It is clip fed 5 shot, IIRC and came with a single shot adapter.

It currently has a long eye relief 'pistol scope' on it, I'd have to go look to see what it is, as I have not shot it in over 20 years. They made them in 22 LR and 22 Hornet, 10" and 14" barrels. I wish I also had one in 22 Hornet, used ones are a bit pricey on today's market.

Just curious as to the thoughts and experience on this forum. I had one I used for silhouetts back in the 90's. That particular gun worked perfectly. However, as hard as it it to believe, my Browning Buckmark Silhouette semi-auto actually shot slightly better. Based on my experience with the Exemplar back then, I bought a new Anschutz rifle last year.

That gun turned out to be a complete disappointment. It went back to Anschutz North America and the owner of the company in Germany visited ANA last year and brought his master gunsmith along with him to fix it. It was sent back with a letter that it was repaired and tested.

It still failed to eject over sixty percent of the time. I have mixed feelings about Anschutz based on that and got rid of the gun. I'm happier with my CZ rimfires. NSB, I hate to hear about that sort of 'bad experience' with an Anschutz product, and that they failed to correct the problem leaving you 'in the lurch'. Anything can happen or go bad on just about anything, it's all in how it is resolved that determines either lasting credibility or leaves a tarnish on an otherwise lengthy positive reputation.

anschutz 22 pistol

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